Hi, I’m Nicole


Artist’s Statement:

I’m Nicole. I have dedicated my time to bringing joy to others through my artwork. My mission is to leverage my gifts to create meaningful art that adds value to every space. 


My art includes watercolor portraits, abstracts, and live event paintings. My services are tailored for those who cherish artwork that cultivates life’s most beautiful memories.

Kind Words


Hi Friends! Believer, wife to Nick, and dog mom to our doodle, Bella. If we have not already met, I’m Nicole, an artist in Northwest Arkansas. My art offerings include watercolor portraits, abstracts, and live event paintings. You will find that each piece depicts a sophisticated and feminine touch to the ephemeral things in life. You may be thinking: why do you offer so many different art styles? My answer is simple, they all hold equal significance; keep reading my story to learn why.


My affinity with art started at a young age. My mom constantly provided my siblings and me with crafting opportunities from the Family Fun magazine. As a toddler, I would paint watercolor “smiley faces” on perforated computer paper and spread them all over the house. Now, my “smiley faces” have grown into smiling family portraits. 


My grandparents came to visit over the summer. My grandfather saw some of my abstracts in the garage and asked me if I would sell him one. I was astonished that he wanted my painting in his home! The next time we visited, it was hanging on the wall in their living room. He helped me believe that my art could go somewhere. 


This part of my journey actually did not happen until my late 20’s. I was searching for the perfect wedding present for a dear friend of mine and nothing stood out more in my research than to gift her with a live wedding painting. Filled with excitement, I immediately reached out to see if she would be open to letting me live paint her wedding with the full warning that I had never done this before. To my surprise, she delightfully agreed to my crazy leap of faith! With shaky hands on that cold fall day, I completely fell in love with the unique form of art that is live wedding painting!

I have always loved the arts. From a young age, I entered poetry competitions, explored theater, voice, music, and took every art class my middle and high school offered. I studied communication over attending an art college in hopes of “getting a real job.” Then, a few real jobs down the road, my husband suggested I take the spring off to pursue my painting hobby. Finally, I mustered up enough courage to pursue my art, and God blessed my hobby and turned it into a job. I am living my dream, creating for others, and doing what I love!


When I am not painting from my sunroom, you can find me spending my spare time sharing a cup of coffee with a friend, leading worship, hiking, songwriting, traveling with my husband, or cozied up with my pup watching a classic. I believe every day should be treasured. I look forward to connecting with you and adding color to your beautiful world.