Hi, I’m Nicole


Artist’s Statement:

My desire is to leverage my gifts to create meaningful art that adds value to every space. I have adopted the phrase “treasure every day,” because I believe that living with gratitude helps us cherish what is good. With each piece that I create for you, I simply desire to offer you the opportunity to cherish all the good in your life. 

Artist’s Inspiration:

If you’re breathing, certainly you have been captivated at some moment in time by creation and its glory. Though I have studied many admirable artists and their beautiful works, they pale in comparison to what God has made.


Hi Friends! Believer, wife to Nick, and dog mom to our doodle, Bella. If we have not already met, I’m Nicole, an artist in Northwest Arkansas. From a young age, I entered drawing and poetry competitions, explored theater, voice, music, and took every art class my middle and high school offered…which means I got out of a lot of gym classes. At my university I studied communication over attending an art college in hopes of “getting a real job.” Then, four years later and a few “real jobs” down the road, my husband could tell that I just was not satisfied with my work, so he encouraged me to take some time off to the pursue my painting hobby. Financially, we knew it would be a stretch, but he knew that would bring me joy. Over the next few months, God took my hobby and expanded it to what now is my full time job. Since then, I have invested in my art education through online drawing and live wedding painting courses to further my professional knowledge and skill. Life is full of mystery. I never imagined that I would spend most of my days with a brush and canvas, but with a heart of thankfulness, I can say that I am living out a dream.

When I am not painting, you can find me spending my spare time sharing a cup of coffee with a friend, leading worship at my church, journaling, hiking, songwriting, traveling with my incredible husband, or cozied up with my pup watching a classic. I believe every day should be treasured because life is a gift. I look forward to connecting with you and adding value to to your space.


As a creative herself, Mom did not shy away from giving a toddler a watercolor set. With my brush in hand, I would endlessly paint watercolor smiley faces until I ran out of perforated computer paper. Now, my “smiley faces” have grown into smiling family portraits. 


When my grandparents were visiting one summer, Grandpa saw some of my newly developed abstracts hanging in the garage and asked me if I would sell him one. I was astonished that he wanted my painting in his home! The next time we visited, it was hanging on the wall in their living room. He helped me believe that my art could have value. 


While looking for the perfect wedding present for a dear friend of mine and nothing stood out more in my research than to gift her with a live wedding painting. Filled with excitement, I immediately reached out to see if she would be open to letting me live paint her wedding with the full warning that I had never done this before. To my surprise, she delightfully agreed to my crazy leap of faith! With shaky hands on that cold fall day, I completely fell in love with the unique form of art that is live wedding painting!


As you can tell, my husband played a big role in supporting my artistic dreams, so I thought you might want to know a little about our love story. It all began on August 9th, 2012, at the University of Mobile. Yep, we are college sweethearts! We met in a traveling vocal ensemble that sang in local churches across the country. Traveling eleven months out of the year meant we spent many long bus rides learning each others heart. He was so charming, kind, witty, and enjoyable to be around. After just a few short weeks of knowing him, his name began to fill my journal pages. If we were not in class or on the road, you could find us singing together at the campus chapel, going on walks around the circle or having impromptu coffee study dates. He absolutely swept me off my feet. Sure enough, by my junior year, we began to court (call us old fashioned), and of course he asked me out through a song he wrote. Traveling in the ensemble had its perks. For instance, we shared that we loved each other overlooking the Grand Canyon and we got to see a Broadway show on my birthday in Brooklyn, NY. On a chilly November day, among the mossy Mobile trees, he walked me down the stair case onto a familiar shoreline. It felt as if time stood still as he lavished me with the most romantic and thoughtful proposal. We exchanged our vows ten months later in the North Georgia mountains. Since then, we have lived in three states, got a dog, paid off school debt, traveled to Europe, published some songs, bought our first home and have learned a whole lot about grace. I can say that we truly love each other more than ever before. We are two broken people doing this life together, but we are so confident in our love and how God brought us together. I could never imagine doing life with anyone else. Next to Jesus, marrying Nick is the best decision I have ever made. We believe in each others dreams and that has made our marriage quite the adventure!


Kind Words

Based on 25 reviews
Emilee Mlakar
I reached out to Nicole (very late notice) to paint a special piece that I wanted to gift my dad on the day of my wedding. She responded so quickly and gladly took on my project. She painted a AMAZING BEAUTIFUL piece that my dad and I will cherish forever. It was such a special piece of art that was executed perfectly.
Emily Corbett
Nicole is the kindest h person I’ve ever met! She was so easy to work with and was flexible all the way until day of. She gave me more than enough time to decide what I wanted my live painted scene to be! I can’t wait to continue watching her create art and support her in any ways I can. If you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable way to remember your wedding or big life event I would highly highly recommend booking Nicole!
Lucy Townsend
Favorite part of our wedding! Nicole did a great job and we will cherish the painting forever. She is so kind, helpful, and so talented! If you want to remember your special day - book love painting!
Laura Andrade
Nicole was such a wonderful and excellent vendor to work with! Prices and availability were just what we were looking for! We got a wonderful painting that brought tears to my eyes reflecting back on our wedding day. We will have this memory forever thanks to Nicole ! We wouldn’t want to work with another wedding painter besides Nicole! Thank you!!
Kaitie Gill
Nicole is one of the sweetest and most-talented human beings. As a wedding planner, I meet a lot of wedding professionals and let me tell you, Nicole is the real deal. After meeting Nicole at one of my weddings, I instantly fell in love with her artwork. When it came time for Christmas, I knew that I wanted her to paint some custom artwork commissions for me. To say that she met my expectations is an understatement. They are the most treasured gifts I've ever given and the family members who received them were speechless. If you're getting married and considering a live wedding painter, Nicole is your girl. She even travels and it's worth it! And, if you're just looking for a custom commission or gift, again, Nicole is your girl. She is communicative and never fails to bring a smile to her clients.
Holly Hayes
Nicole live painted my wedding and she was amazing! She communicated so well and is SO kind. Her work is amazing too. Having her at my wedding was one of the highlights for my guests. Everyone was so impressed by her talent and enjoyed watching her throughout the evening. I’d highly recommend her to everyone! The final product was beautiful and will be something we cherish forever.
Robin Clark
Nicole created a beautifully rendered portrait from an engagement photograph.. from color to composition and detail it was beautiful and the newlyweds were delighted! All processes from order to payment to pickup were efficient and well communicated. The price point was very fair. I highly recommend Nicole Renee Fine Art.
Lyndsey Roberts
Nicole is so sweet to work with! She made our vision come to life and was such an asset to our wedding day. Because of her, we have a memory of a lifetime!! Highly recommend.
Brenda Thiesse
Love all my paintings I’ve gotten from Nicole! Always better than expected, on time, and perfect pieces for my home! Great communication too!
Alexis Gamache
Nicole is such a gifted artist! She has done two gorgeous watercolors for our family that I will forever treasure. We will absolutely use her in the future for any of our art needs, you should too!